Welcome to my website

Hi, I am József Kovács from Hungary... though I live in the UK, in Bournemouth.

I hope that you enjoy looking around my small website and, if you like the sound of them, that you will consider buying some of the ebooks that I currently have for sale.

Two of them "CARDOPIA" and my "2013 UK Lecture Tour Notes"

are supplied with TWO FREE e-manuscripts (worth £5.00 each).

I don't have many products at the moment, but with your patronage, I hope to add more in the future.

If you have never heard of me and would like a reference from one of my good friends ...

Feel free to email Peter Duffie, of the UK, at: magic@peterduffie.com

Or Stephen Tucker, also of the UK, at: stephentucker1@talktalk.net

Many thanks for visiting – József. 

My ELEMENT routine has been marketed by MAGICBOX

(a UK dealer) www.magicbox.uk.com

It is not available from me, but if you click on the ELEMENT image opposite,

you will be able to watch a 'performance only' video demonstration of it performed by Michael Murray. 


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